It’s time to change the game.

Because the way we work has changed. Science has shown us that rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad behaviour just doesn’t motivate us the way we thought it did.

That’s because there is more to us than just pay rises, frequent flyer points and coffee loyalty cards.

As human beings we want to be challenged. We want to have the freedom to make our own choices. We want to make close connections with others. This is what makes us happy.

Do you know what does this really well already? Video games. Why else would we spend over 50 billion hours in the game World of Warcraft if we didn’t enjoy it?

So it’s time we learnt why games can be so engaging, so we can apply this thinking to other areas. This is what gamification and gameful design is all about.

My goal is to help you understand, master, and use gamification effectively to create more motivating products, training or work environments.

Are you ready to play?


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Meet the Geek

Hi, I’m Zac! I'm a gamification educator and designer and I’ve found that even though gamification is an established area of research and business, the concept can still be confusing. After completing a PhD in effective gamification design I figured it's about time that I put together a guide to help address the confusion. Rather than get you to read my entire thesis, I’ve put together this site for you which provides an easier introduction to gamification.

I hope you enjoy Gamification Geek and if you have any feedback or want to get in touch then don’t hesitate to contact me!