Recovery Day 1

I spent the night in hospital and didn’t get much sleep (I was in a shared room, there were lots of hospital noises, and the nurse had to check my blood pressure every two hours during the night).

I was still in a bit of pain in the morning, but not as much as after the surgery. Pain control on demand definitely helped with that.

The surgeon came and checked in on me and wanted my leg straight by the end of the week.

I then had to get the physiotherapist in before I was allowed to try moving, and as I needed to pee I rang for them early to help me to the bathroom. They set up my crutches for me and showed me how to best use them.

It was tough. As I stood up I nearly passed out. The physio said this was because of the anaesthesia. Needless to say it wasn’t fun, but it passed quickly.

The pharmacist gave me a bunch of medication:

  • Paracetemol (pain relief)
  • Targin (slow release strong pain relief)
  • Endone (strong pain relief)
  • Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory)
  • Fragmin (blood thinner)

They were all tablets except the Fragmin which comes in needle form – one injection in the stomach every night for two weeks.

My partner drove me home and I got into bed. It was so good being home but I was in a lot of pain. We iced the knee immediately and I took 1 endone. It was not enough.

We iced it again and I took 2 endone at night. Definitely more pain relief.

I pulled the pressure bandage off my leg to have a look the next day. It wasn’t pretty but it also wasn’t too bad.

The pink stuff was left over from surgery (antiseptic I think). Only four small incisions were made for the operation which is pretty amazing.


I manage to do my first set of exercises and I iced it before and after.

I was feeling pretty tired and rubbish but I was happy to be home. Ice cream helped too.