Before the surgery

Surgery was set for 4 weeks after my injury. By this time I was able to walk pretty well, without a cane and was working to work every now and again. There was a bit of swelling in the knee still though and I couldn’t bend it all the way back.

 This was how far I could bend my knee back the night before surgery.

This was how far I could bend my knee back the night before surgery.

I preprepared a bunch of meals with my partner to last us for the week and we bought a huge tub of ice cream to treat ourselves.

Other preparation I did included:

  • Seeing the physio a few times to prepare
  • Hiring crutches from the local pharmacy ($36/month) – Forearm style as apparently they’re more comfortable.
  • Buying some comfy, loose fitting shorts
  • Bought an awesome ice pack that can ice the back and front of the knee
  • Borrowing a shower chair to help with showering (definitely useful)
  • Preparing a bunch of snacks for the upcoming week
  • Borrowing a Nintendo Switch and preordering Mario Odyssey
  • Preparing snacks and lunches
  • Bought an Ikea bed table, which was actually worked really well as a platform to raise my leg in bed

We live in an apartment so we were lucky there were no steps to tackle, but practicing with crutches on stairs beforehand might be useful (with input from a physio).

Next time for the hospital I’d also take:

  • Ear plugs and eye mask, as it’s really noisy in hospital and tough to get sleep there
  • Hand sanitiser for next to the bed as you can’t get up to pee during the night and might want to clean your hands