Meet the Gamification Geek


Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter believes that we can learn a lot from video games.

He takes the most popular games and unpacks them, looking at how they effectively align with motivational science and research. He uses gamification design techniques and principles to help make tasks more engaging and motivating.

He’s applied gamification to many different areas including training, education, health, wellbeing, business and HR.

Zac earned a PhD in designing effective gamification for mobile applications in 2015.

He has lectured a range of university subjects over the last decade, including gamification, computer game studies, app development and emerging technologies.

Zac is an established presenter, speaking at conferences and companies around the world.

He created the Gamification Geek, an online learning resource for those who want to know how to design effective gamification. 

He consults and designs game-like systems for industry, government and research as part of the software company he co-founded, Eat More Pixels

Get in touch with Zac if you need an engaging speaker or help with gamification design.