It can be hard getting motivated to exercise, so gamification and fitness are a great combination. Here are some great examples of gamification being used in health, fitness and wellbeing applications.


Fitbit combines a step tracking device with a digital application to gamify your fitness.

The device tracks how many steps you take during the day and encourages you to reach 10,000 steps a day.

The application provides feedback and places you on a leaderboard with your friends so you can compare progress. You can also unlock badges for reaching milestones.

Fitbit leaderboard


Zombies, Run! got me back into running a few years ago.

It’s a smartphone app that adds a zombie apocalypse story to your exercise. In the story you become a "runner" who goes out to find supplies for your home base.

The narrative is top quality and it plays out in-between a playlist of your own songs.

Also if you're feeling up for the challenge you can switch on zombie chases, where sometime during your run you'll start to hear the sounds of zombies chasing you...

You'll have to pick up your pace and outrun them as the app knows how fast you're running. 

If you get caught, you lose any items you picked up during your run.

If a zombie narrative is not really your thing, then check out the Strava app.

It's is a great app that doesn't look like a game, but still has some really motivating gamification elements. 

Strava is used to record your exercise. If you run or cycle then you'll be able to compare yourself to your previous attempts, or anyone else who has also recorded the same path or 'segments' as you. You can see where you place on a leaderboard, and receive trophies depending on your best times. 

If you want to delve more into Strava and why it can be so engaging then check out this article by one user: Strava Made Me Do It

The Nike Run Club is another app similar to Strava which tracks running. It’s been around for a while and has been through a number of iterations.

Similar to Fitbit and Strava, users can compare and compete with friends and other runners on a leaderboard.

It provides weekly and monthly distance challenges to motivate runners, allowing users to reach goals and earn achievements. User scan earn trophies for personal records and can earn monthly milestone badges and maintain a running streak.

Do you have any other worthy examples of gamification in education that you think should be featured here? Get in touch with me and let me know.