It’s time to change the game.

Because the way we work has changed.

Science has shown us that rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad behaviour just doesn’t motivate us the way we thought it did.

That’s because there is more to us than just pay rises, frequent flyer points and coffee loyalty cards.

As human beings we want to be challenged. We want to have the freedom to make our own choices. We want to make close connections with others. This is what makes us happy.

And this is exactly what video games excel at.

Why else would we spend over 50 billion hours in the game World of Warcraft if we didn’t enjoy it?

So it’s time we learnt why games can be so engaging, so we can apply this thinking to other areas.

This is what gamification is all about.

And I’m here to help you find the fun in everyday tasks we do. Let’s work together to level up your products, training or work environment and make them more engaging.

Are you ready to play?


Hi, I'm Dr Zac!

I'm a designer, speaker, gamification geek and one of the first people in the world to have a PhD in gamification design (level up!). 

I research video games to understand what makes them so fun and engaging, and then look at how game design can be used to make everyday life more motivating and fun. 

I share what I learn on my Gamification Geek website, in my popular email newsletter, and in real life through keynotes and workshops.

I've worked with industry, government and universities, helping them with gamification and motivation design.


Free Book on Gamification

Get started with a 67-page introduction packed with information on what gamification is and how to design it effectively.

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Choose your own adventure

Keynote Presentation

A keynote provides the perfect way to introduce your employees or delegates to gamification and motivation.

Perfect for conferences or corporate presentations, these thought-provoking keynotes combine the best of industry practice and current research to present meaningful content in an engaging way.

Training Workshops

Workshops are a great way to deep-dive into the topic of gamification and motivational design to upskill you or your employees.

Participants will come away with a greater understanding of what exactly gamification is and a customised framework for applying it to their products, workplace or everyday life.

Product Review

Undertaking a gamification or engagement review can help highlight your engagement goals and then analyse how well your design is actually supporting these goals.

Get quick and effective gamification and engagement design feedback on your project with clear recommendations and a measurement plan.

Gamification Design

Get help with the whole process of gamification design from start to finish using a design framework for effective gamification design based on research and industry practice.

Create a unique gamification design that suits your target audience and addresses your engagement and business goals.


Previous Work

I've worked with a range of game changers, from startups to large companies, governments to universities.

I've helped design more engaging apps, provided educational workshops and keynotes, and helped create bespoke gamification design for customers and employees.

Here's a few companies I've helped.


Happy Clients

Zac was a great presenter that truly shocked the audience with his in-depth knowledge on the impact of gamification in our daily lives and how easily it can be incorporated into event planning.
— Angela Shelton, General Manager & Conference Organiser, Answers for Associations
Zac always presents with a naturally engaging style and maintains a captured audience from start to finish. He cleverly delivers his in-depth knowledge in a way that all attendees can understand and immediately relate to.
— Deborah Mahoney-Dobbs, Manager, Corporate UX, Tatts Group Limited
Zac is great to work with, very knowledgeable, passionate, engaging, approachable and always professional. I would recommend him as a presenter and consultant anytime.
— Nadja Conaghan, Team Leader Learning Service, QSuper
I felt that Zac really took a personal interest in making my app special. I plan to work with Zac whenever I can. A real pro, and a great guy as well.
— Michael Bunting, #1 Bestselling Author, Awakened Mind App


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