Gamification Examples

Want to see what gamification in action? Here are a few great examples of gamification websites and apps to get you started.


This app is really well designed. It delivers language training in a very engaging way. It starts off easy, challenges you with a range of interesting activities, let’s you choose the topics you want to tackle next, has a clever virtual currency system and is just a whole lot of fun.

Zombies, Run!

The narrative in this app is incredibly detailed and voiced well. “Walk, jog or run anywhere in the world. Hear your mission and music through your headphones. If you’re chased by zombies, you’ll have to speed up! You’ll automatically collect supplies to build up your base.”

Chore Wars

A D&D inspired website that encourages you to complete your everyday chores. “Recruit a party of adventurers from your household or office, and whenever one of you completes a chore, you can log it and claim XP.”


The game elements to the original Foursquare app inspired many other later gamification designs (badges, points, leaderboards). However, Foursquare was later split into two different services –Foursquare and Swarm. It’s worthwhile trying Swarm, it has a very playful design and implements some of the original Foursquare game elements. “Swarm turns every day into a game! Earn prizes and compete with friends based on the places you go. See when your friends are hanging out nearby, so you never miss out on the fun!”

Do you have any other worthy examples that you think should be featured here? Get in touch with me and let me know.