Learn the tools and techniques and to design and deliver engaging gamified training solutions in this 1-day workshop.

The Level Up Your Training workshop will equip you with the skills to design an engaging, gamified learning prototype ready for testing within your employee training by the end of the day. Are you ready to play?

Games are engaging

Why else would we pay money to spend over 50 billion hours in the game World of Warcraft if we didn’t enjoy it? Gamification is all about understanding what makes games so engaging and applying this knowledge to other areas like learning. Effectively using gamification in training has the ability to help reduce your delivery time while increasing employee confidence and performance.

If you’re currently designing or delivering organisational training and the content or delivery isn’t having the impact you want, gamification can help. If you’re passionate about delivering engaging experiences and want to try something new, engaging and playful, then this workshop is for you. If you’ve tried gamification before and it didn’t have the effect you were looking for then by the end of this workshop you’ll be equipped with a new process to follow with proven success.

And if you start doubting your training ability as learners disengage while you teach, don’t despair. It’s just that we are battling with more engaging technological distractions that traditional teaching techniques can’t compete with. Using gamification in these situations can help provide an interactive experience that will engage your employees and promote your learning goals. 

Increase learner engagement

There are many reasons why you you would want to find new ways to create more engaging training content and delivery. Reasons like:

  • Training attendance is low

  • Employees are distracted during training

  • Training is rushed and completed last minute

  • Knowledge retention from training could be improved.

  • Employees aren’t confident after completing onboarding

  • Required training isn’t being completed

  • Training is being completed ineffectively

  • Employees aren’t confident enough after training.

  • Training is very content-heavy which can be overwhelming

  • Employee turnover is high

These are all issues common to trainers and organisations all over the world. It’s often too easy as a trainer to default to traditional teaching approaches which just aren’t equipped to battle modern technological distractions. Rethinking your training in a game-like way is the key to making it more engaging, which can help increase knowledge retention, confidence and performance. This workshop promises to get you there.

Workshop overview

In this workshop you will tackle the following:

  • Uncover how video games offer one of the most effective ways to learn.

  • Unpack the concept of meaningful gamification, highlighting the importance of aligning the learning goals with the game elements and players.

  • Identify opportunities for increased engagement in your teaching and learning.

  • Quickly generate gamification and applied game ideas for supporting learning and internal training.

  • Categorise and sort ideas to find the best ones.

  • Rapidly prototype a version of it.

  • Undertake an informal playtest with each other.

  • Evaluate the success of the prototype.

  • Create a way to measure impact.

Before the workshop

You and I will meet to work out exactly how best to run the workshop to maximise the results of you and your team. I’ll get an understanding of how your team works, what kind of unique problems you tackle, how you’re currently tackling them and how the workshop can provide an opportunity to address your problems effectively.

During the workshop

The goal of the workshop is to design and build a gamified experience that you can deploy in your training. In order to make that happen we’ll start with an introduction to gamification then move on to identifying opportunities for engagement and rapidly generating ideas together for supporting learning and internal training.

You’ll learn to rapidly brainstorm a number of gamified ideas with the help of a set of gamification design cards.

You’ll then be shown how to sort the ideas along two axes; feasibility (i.e., how easy is the idea to implement?) and engagement (i.e., how involved is the learner). You will get to pick your most feasible and interactive idea and learn how to create a prototype for it. Your prototype will be refined through some play testing and by the end of the session it will be ready for trialling with your employees. The workshop will finish with you learning how to create a tool to measure the impact of your gamification design once it’s been rolled out to employees.

After the workshop

Having created your first training game, your job now is to use it, measure it’s impact and improve it. You’ll be supported through the whole process, with access to our Level Up Facebook group, where you can regularly check-in with the community on your progress and receive feedback others on a similar adventure.

Included in this workshop

  • An introduction to gamification that can be run as a keynote for your organisation

  • Engaging, useful and gamified workshop activities customised for your team

  • Reusable workshop bags with a range of fun materials and activities

  • A printed workbook for each workshop attendee

  • Private webpage with access to digital slides, workbook and bonus resources

  • Access to the private Level Up Facebook group for community support and feedback

  • This workshop covers topics including effective gamification design, motivation psychology, game design, design thinking and prototyping.

Workshops are best suited for teams of up to 20 people. An introductory 1-hour keynote can be included before the workshop that can be attended by more people in your organisation.

What participants have said…

A great session and excellent facilitator! I loved learning about how to use gamification techniques in my own role!
It was fun and we actually practiced during the session which provided me with a good idea of gamification! Loved it!

Ready to play?

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