Australians play games for 88 minutes a day on average.

There's no doubt that video games can be incredibly engaging. According to the Digital Australia 2016 Survey 88 minutes is the average daily total of time we spend playing games in Australia. So if games can hold our attention for so long, how can we learn from them to make other parts of our life engaging too?

Good question. You've come to the right place to find out.

Learn why video games are so engaging.


Looking for a keynote speaker to introduce innovative and trending technology and games topics in an engaging way?

Zac has spoken at international conferences and events,  provided training and workshops nationally around Australia and taught technology and games at university for 9 years.

Topics include: Gamification, serious games, augmented reality, Pokemon Go, theory of flow, self-determination theory, virtual reality, user experience, engagement and motivation design, app development, and games design.

Use game design thinking in everyday life.


Workshops & Masterclasses

If you're interested in a deep dive into gamification look at organising a workshop with Zac. He provides half-day and full-day workshops that are incredibly interactive and provide you with an actionable plan for using gamification and gameful thinking.

If you want to learn about gamification and put it into action yourself, then check out Gamification Geek – an online learning resource for gamification created by Zac.

Hire the Gamification Geek to help with your project.


Consulting & Feedback

If you're building a product that wants to hit key engagement goals then get in touch. Zac can provide everything from an expert review of your product to helping co-design it.

Zac also co-founded Eat More Pixels, a mobile app development company based in Brisbane, Australia that has a long history of making apps for industry and research projects. If you're interested in building a mobile app then make sure to reach out.


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