Do you actually need gamification?

Believe it or not, a big part of my job is often telling people that they shouldn’t use gamification. 😱

But you might ask… Zac! Isn’t gamification what you do for a living?

And the answer is always the same. It sure is! But gamification isn’t going to solve every problem out there.

Although I can see why it’s easy to think it might.

You see, there’s still a lot of hype around gamification and it’s often seen as a silver bullet. Something that can fix ANY problem!

  • Employees not completing safety training? GAMIFY IT.

  • Customers not clicking purchase product on your website? GAMIFY IT!

  • Forgetting where you put your keys? GAMIFY IT!!!

I totally get it. If you’re new to gamification it can be a pretty confusing topic to get your head around.

A lot of people have heard of the term, but don’t fully understand it.

And with the hype and news stories that keep reinforcing the positive impact and potential of gamification, then it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that gamification could fix anything.

Don’t worry though! I have a simple way to help work out if gamification is worth pursuing as a solution.

Just ask this question… Is it a motivational problem that you’re trying to solve?

I find that this is always a great starting point because we move from talking about gamification as a solution to instead focusing on the problem we want to solve.

This shift in focus makes it a lot easier to ignore the hype and think about the reason for exploring gamification as a suitable solution in the first place.

Gamification can be a great tool to provide engaging scaffolding around a motivational problem. But if it’s a different type of problem you have, then gamification may not help.

For example, if your employees aren’t completing their safety training because they can’t find the link to the training website? Well then maybe an email with the link might be the solution you’re looking for and not gamification.

So if you’re contemplating whether gamification can help you, then try shifting the focus to the problem you’re tackling and ask yourself… is it a motivational problem?

If you do have a motivational problem you want to fix then there’s a few ways I can help!

  1. Schedule a strategy call with me to diagnose the key issues you’re facing and we can work out what your next best step is.

  2. Check out the workshops I currently have on offer.

  3. Or if you just want to find out more about gamification, have a read my free “Introduction to Gamification” book.

New to board games? Try one of these three excellent gateway games.

New to board games? Try one of these three excellent gateway games.

In a recent chat about gamification with Dr Jason Fox on his podcast The Cleverness we got talking about board games. As promised on the podcast, I’ve listed 3 different board games below that I like to refer to as Gateway boardgames. If you’re new to board games then try one of these. They should be deep enough to pique your interest but not too complicated that they overwhelm you and your friends.

My Gamification Valentines for 2019

My Gamification Valentines for 2019

The NPR podcast Planet Money has an annual tradition that I really like where they channel a year's worth of jealousy into a special Valentine’s Day episode.

So when they come across something that they think brilliantly explains the economy that they wish they had come up with, instead of resenting it they include it in this episode as a way to share it. 💝

I love this tradition, so this year I have decided to follow suit and make three gamification mentions for my Valentine’s Day.

Apple gamifies their upcoming event invitation

Apple gamifies their upcoming event invitation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the company Apple.

But for all you gamification geeks out there what you may not have realised is that Apple have been playing with a range of different gamification techniques for a while. 

Game-like experiences can be found in their apps (Apple Watch gamification), at their events (the collectible pins of WWDC) and just last week Apple has continued this trend with their event invites.

Apple has a number of events each year where they unveil new hardware and software. For each event they'll usually send an invite out to the media that has an image, tagline and event details. 

However, for their upcoming Oct 2018 event they did something a little different…

3 Gamified Apps To Help You Get Fit This Year (And One Event!)

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get fit then you might need a little motivation to get you started.

I've done some of the leg work for you and found 3 gamified apps that offer different things depending on what you like when it comes to games.

We don't all like or play the same games, so if you're creating a gamified app it's always important to consider who your target player is and what they like when it comes to games.

Okay, ready to get your game on? 

Nail Your New Year's Resolutions With Clear Goals, Short-term Milestones and Daily Habits

Hello 2018! Boy it felt like 2017 whooshed by, didn't it? Creating New Year's Resolutions are a traditional cycle that many of us go through, but they can be tough to keep. This can happen for a number of reasons - our resolutions may be too vague, may not be achievable, or we don't set up a new routine to achieve them.

So let's fix that. This year let's do something a little different.