Mailchimp and the big red button

Mailchimp, the newsletter sending service, has some brilliant little playful elements they’ve added to their sending process. What’s interesting about these changes is that I believe they also subtly persuade you to send better newsletters. Let’s look at this further.

Push the big red button

You’ve created your newsletter, you’re ready to send, so you press the send campaign button and you’re presented with the following screen...

It’s a big red button that’s about to be hit by a monkey. It’s a great graphic which works well in this context as you’re just about to launch your campaign and it sums this up in a visual way. But what’s interesting is that as you hover over the send now button the monkey’s arm starts to sweat. This makes you stop for a second and think… hang on a second… am I actually ready to send this newsletter? Maybe I made a spelling mistake somewhere? This encourages you to go back and check your newsletter just in case.

An epic high five!

Once you’re happy and you then launch it you’re rewarded with this screen…

A high five from the same monkey paw. It’s a moment of fiero and triumph, your newsletter has been sent out, it’s time to celebrate. You can also click the monkey paw to play the high five animation again.

Through a few simple interactive graphics Mailchimp have managed to create a playful and engaging experience that also encourages you to send better newsletters. I love it.