3 Gamified Apps To Help You Get Fit This Year (And One Event!)

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get fit1 then you might need a little motivation to get you started.

I've done some of the leg work for you and found 3 gamified apps that offer different things depending on what you like when it comes to games.

We don't all like or play the same games, so if you're creating a gamified app it's always important to consider who your target player is and what they like when it comes to games.

Okay, ready to get your game on? 

1. Zombies Run

Zombies, Run! got me back into running a few years ago. It basically adds a zombie apocalypse story to your run where you become a "runner" who goes out to find supplies for your base.

The narrative is top quality with excellent voice acting. It plays out in-between a playlist of your own songs.

Also if you're feeling up for the challenge you can switch on zombie chases, where sometime during your run you'll start to hear the sounds of zombies chasing you...

You'll have to pick up your pace and outrun them as the app knows how fast you're running. 

If you get caught, you lose any items you picked up during your run.

Try Zombies, Run! if you like games with a good story.

2. Fit For Battle

If you're over the whole zombie apocalypse narrative then how about a fantasy running app that transforms your work out into an epic fitness RPG?

Yes please. 

Fit for Battle provides a similar experience to Zombies, Run but also has more RPG (Role-Playing Game) style elements. 

Think battles, random story events, levelling and loot. 

Try Fit For Battle if you like games with RPG elements (in particular fans of fantasy, levels, loot & battles).

3. Strava

If a fantasy world or zombie narrative is not really your thing, then try Strava.

It's is a great app that doesn't look like a game, but still has some really motivating gamification elements. 

Use Strava to record your exercise. If you run or cycle then you'll be able to compare yourself to your previous attempts, or anyone else who has also recorded the same path or 'segments' as you. You can see where you place on a leaderboard, and receive trophies depending on your best times. 

If you want to delve more into Strava and why it can be so engaging then check out this article by one user: Strava Made Me Do It

Try Strava if you like competitive games and achievements.

One more thing... Park Run

Although Zombies, Run! got me back into running, what kept me running each week was something completely different - and it wasn't an app (although it is 'gamified' in a sense). 

It's called Park Run. It's a free, weekly, timed run organised by volunteers for absolutely anyone. 

Print a paper barcode to participate and you'll have your time recorded. You can track your times on the website and see how you did against others in your age group.

Image by  Faddah  (CC BY SA 3.0)

Image by Faddah (CC BY SA 3.0)

The community aspect of the run is great and is what keeps me coming back with my friends and family. We have about 400 runners each week at my local Park Run!

It's a great way to start the weekend and it also encourages you to not stay out too late on a Friday night. 😉

Check to see if there's a Park Run in your country.

Anything else?

So those are three apps and one weekly event that I've found that might be able to help you keep fit this year. There's something there for everyone, from Zombie chases and to global leaderboards.

Is there a different app, event or technique you use? If so, share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page

1 Although if you read my post on Nailing Your New Year's Resolutions then you'll know that "get fit" isn't a clear enough goal 😉