Apple gamifies their upcoming event invitation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the company Apple.

But for all you gamification geeks out there what you may not have realised is that Apple have been playing with a range of different gamification techniques for a while. 

Game-like experiences can be found in their apps (Apple Watch gamification), at their events (the collectible pins of WWDC) and just last week Apple has continued this trend with their event invites.

Apple has a number of events each year where they unveil new hardware and software. For each event they'll usually send an invite out to the media that has an image, tagline and event details. 

However, for their upcoming Oct 2018 event they did something a little different…

Image via    Neil Cybart

Image via Neil Cybart

At first glance the invite they sent out looked like a regular event. But once people started to share their invites around the Internet soon realised that each invite looked a little different.

Apple had sent out multiple different Apple logo designs on the invitations and news websites began to pick up on this.

Images via Todd Haselton, Lance Ulanoff & Joanna Stern.

But how many different logos actually existed? Well a number of very motivated people tasked themselves with the challenge to work out exactly how many there were.

And so, the game was afoot!

Initially 20 logos were thought to be all that existed.

Little did they realise this was just the beginning…

32 seemed like enough right? Who would create any more than th… oh wait.

How long could this go on for?

Until finally after an initial epic group effort and some URL investigation… a total of 370 different logos were found! 😲

Gotta catch ‘em all!

This is a great example of using collecting as a gamification mechanic.

This is a core mechanic of trading cards, achievement systems and popular games such as Pokémon Go.

Foursquare was one of the first applications to implement a successful collection mechanic in the form of badges. Foursquare allowed you to check-in to places that you visited and you could collect badges for doing different things in the app.



Congrats on your first check-in! In foursquare you earn badges for you best check-ins - like going to museums, staying out late, or working out at the gym ten times in a month. Have fun exploring!


The way foursquare implemented their badge system went on to influence many more badge systems in other gamified applications.

But as you can see with the Apple event invitation, the collection mechanic can be implemented in different ways.

So make sure add this mechanic to your gamification design list and if you know of any great examples of the collection mechanic in action in existing gamification applications then share it on our Facebook group page

For those Apple fans reading you can download a high-res image of the full collection here courtesy of @alixrezax.