Gamification in Marketing - Examples & Insights for 2018

Gamification and marketing is a pretty great combo.

Games can be incredibly engaging and using game design to create a more engaging marketing tool is very achievable these days. 

I was recently invited, along with 15 other gamification gurus, to provide some insight into gamification and marketing for a Survey Anyplace blog post.

The article by Diana Garcia provides a great summary and some excellent insight into gamification and marketing.

I was asked a few extra questions for the article and I wanted to my answers to those questions as a bit of a bonus round.

So, Let's get started!

What's your favourite example of gamification in marketing?

The Fun Theory website which was an initiative of Volkswagen has to be one of my favourite examples of gamification in marketing.

The Piano Stairs - one of the most popular Fun Theory projects ( Image from KJ Vogelius )

The Piano Stairs - one of the most popular Fun Theory projects (Image from KJ Vogelius)

It was run as a competition and allowed people to submit fun ideas for social causes (e.g., help reduce speeding, encourage recycling).

The Piano Stairs were one of the outcomes and they have to be one of the most popular examples used in the gamification space. 

Another favourite was a promo for the Winter Olympics in Sochi where commuters could do 30 squats in order to get a free ride on the subway.

To me it's important that companies look beyond badges, leaderboards and points to create more memorable, unique and fun experiences instead. 

In your opinion what brands do the best job in gamification?

Coca-Cola has had a number of clever marketing campaigns over the past few years by making their vending machines more playful.

People have been able to earn a free coke by hugging the vending machine or pronouncing different phrases.

The McDonald’s Monopoly partnership is also another great example of gamification in action that many people know and remember. It's a great example of taking an existing game and adapting the mechanics for marketing purposes.

What is trending in the gamification world right now?

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular (just look at Pokemon Go!) and it’s becoming easier than ever to implement.

I've recently been working on some really interesting AR and location-based projects and think that it will be a great way to market products. 

How can you get started with gamification in marketing?

So gamification can definitely work well to create engaging and memorable marketing experiences.

Depending on your marketing goal it can help to encourage sales or to be used as a way to build brand awareness and it be done cheaply as well by using existing technologies or simple designs.

But it has to be designed well.

If you're keen to learn more about designing effective gamification then you can check out my free book and lessons. 🙂

Otherwise, if you have any other examples of gamification in marketing you can share them in the comments below!