The habit loop: Powerful habit-forming mechanics found in Clash Royale

I have a bad habit of pulling out my phone and playing the game Clash Royale whenever I have a spare moment. This habit is so ingrained in me I find myself automatically doing it, even when I was supposed to be doing something else on my phone. It's got to the point where I need to deal with it, and what better way to do that then by writing a blog post about it as an excuse to play it... I mean analyse it... even more.

Designing Engaging & Motivating Apps (video)

I presented recently at /dev/world/2016 – Australia’s longest-running conference for OS X and iOS developers and designers. It's a brilliant conference and well worth attending if you're an app developer or designer. In this presentation I took the chance to talk about usability and motivational psychology and why they’re both as equally important to consider when designing engaging apps.

If you want a copy of the slides, resources, references and further reading visit this page.

3 reasons Pokémon Go is so engaging (...and 3 things Niantic could fix)

As I stared at the loading screen for Pokémon Go for the third time this morning I started to question myself... why am I still playing this game? It's incredibly buggy, there's not that much to it, yet I'm still finding myself opening it to look for Pokémon.

I'm sure you've heard of Pokémon Go given the insane popularity of it. It's a location-based game for your smartphone where you walk around in the real world and try to catch virtual monsters to add to your collection.

Mailchimp and the big red button

Mailchimp, the newsletter sending service, has some brilliant little playful elements they’ve added to their sending process. What’s interesting about these changes is that I believe they also subtly persuade you to send better newsletters. Let’s look at this further.

Push the big red button

You’ve created your newsletter, you’re ready to send, so you press the send campaign button and you’re presented with the following screen...