The Top Five Things You Want In An Online Gamification Course

Two weeks ago I shared a survey link via my newsletter asking for those of you interested in an online gamification course to give me some feedback.

So far the response has been good!

Thank you to the 55 people who shared with me what they would like to see in a gamification course (psst... it's not too late to provide some feedback).

I thought I'd share the results with you all as they provide an interesting insight to anyone thinking of teaching gamification.

So let's see what you said...

Nail Your New Year's Resolutions With Clear Goals, Short-term Milestones and Daily Habits

Hello 2018! Boy it felt like 2017 whooshed by, didn't it? Creating New Year's Resolutions are a traditional cycle that many of us go through, but they can be tough to keep. This can happen for a number of reasons - our resolutions may be too vague, may not be achievable, or we don't set up a new routine to achieve them.

So let's fix that. This year let's do something a little different.