Workshops provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to gain new frameworks, tools and understanding around a particular topic. They are designed for groups of 4 to 30 participants and come in two sizes, a 3 hour side-quest or a full day epic quest.

Gamification for Learning & Development

Co-design workshop - Rapid development of Gamification ideas

This workshop is ideal for training teams who want a new way to engage their employees. In it, we’ll develop gamification ideas to increase learning engagement, job performance and knowledge retention and decrease training delivery time.

We’ll start with an introduction to gamification then move on to identifying opportunities for engagement and rapidly generating ideas together for supporting learning and internal training.

During the workshop, we form groups and are rapidly brainstorm a large pool of gamified ideas with the help of a set of gamification cards that list the objectives, target players, training contexts, mechanics and training technologies.

Each group then sorts their ideas along two axes; feasibility (i.e., how easy is the idea to implement?) and engagement (i.e., how involved is the learner). Each group picks their most feasible and interactive idea and creates a prototype that can be tested with another group.

In this workshop we’ll…

  • Uncover how video games offer one of the most effective ways to learn.

  • Unpack the concept of meaningful gamification, highlighting the importance of aligning the learning goals with the game elements and players.

  • Identify opportunities for increased engagement in your teaching and learning.

  • Quickly generate gamification and applied game ideas for supporting learning and internal training.

  • Categorise and sort ideas to find the best ones.

  • Rapidly prototype a version of it.

  • Undertake an informal playtest with each other.

  • Evaluate the success of the prototype and next steps.

At the end of this workshop, each group will have a list of ideas with one that they are ready to test further against developed KPIs.

This workshop produces useful results using an engaging structure. Teams can also take the ideation process away and replicate it again to generate new ideas in the future.

Gamification for Product & UX Design

Participants will come away with a greater understanding of what exactly gamification is and a customised plan for applying it to their products, workplace or everyday life.

Workshops include:

• An introduction to gamification
• Engaging and useful workshop activities customised for your audience
• Reusable workshop bags with a range of fun materials and activities2
• A printed workbook for each workshop attendee
• Private webpage with access to digital slides, workbook and bonus resources

Workshops generally cover topics including effective gamification design, motivation psychology, game design, design and prototyping.

The workshop length can be tailored to your needs. At least 3 hours is needed, 6 hours is perfect. If you have the time then even an epic 3 day workshops can be run!

Workshops are best suited to groups no larger than 30 people. An introductory keynote can be run before the workshop that can be attended by more people.

Here’s some participant feedback

Great session and excellent facilitator! Loved learning about how to use gamification techniques in my own role!
It is fun and we actually practiced during the session which provides me a good idea of gamification! Love it!

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