I’m Zac and I’m a speaker and consultant for everything related to gamification, user experience, game design and app development.

I’m also a bit of a gamification geek. I’m one of the first people in the world with a PhD in gamification design and now I’ve got a whole lot of exciting research and information that is worth sharing.

I also recently developed and taught a Master’s subject on gamification and persuasive computing at the Queensland University of Technology which was a lot of fun! However, I decided to leave academia and move to industry in order to speak and consult on effective gamification design.

I’ve also started an app development with Jimmy Ti company called Eat More Pixels where we make playful and engaging apps.

I love chatting about gamification and you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter

An official bio

Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter is a game researcher and design expert who believes that your next boss will be a game designer. He proposes that the secret to effective work and motivation can be found in the unique and engaging way in which games are designed. He takes the most popular games and unpacks them, looking at how they effectively align with motivational science and research. He also explains how thinking like a game designer can be an incredibly effective approach to business, health and education.

While studying Honours in IT he interned at Nokia, and at the age of 29 earned a PhD in designing effective gamification for mobile applications. This took him down the path of applying the science of motivation to everyday life, and now he consults and develops game-like systems for making non-game tasks engaging.

As a designer Zac is known for mobile apps and location-based games. Zac co-founded the app development company Eat More Pixels, a unique and playful team with a background in research, teaching and game design. He created Gamification Geek, a website that educates and removes some of the confusion around the word gamification. Zac is an established speaker, speaking at conferences and companies around the world. He has been teaching at the Queensland University of Technology since 2008, covering subjects on game studies, game design and emerging technologies.

His work tends to cross over into his social life, and rather than host regular parties where people socialise quietly, he’ll run a scavenger hunt instead.


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