3 reasons Pokémon Go is so engaging (...and 3 things Niantic could fix)

As I stared at the loading screen for Pokémon Go for the third time this morning I started to question myself... why am I still playing this game? It's incredibly buggy, there's not that much to it, yet I'm still finding myself opening it to look for Pokémon.

I'm sure you've heard of Pokémon Go given the insane popularity of it. It's a location-based game for your smartphone where you walk around in the real world and try to catch virtual monsters to add to your collection.

t's taken the world by storm, and for very good reasons, Niantic, the team behind the game, have made some very clever gameplay design decisions that keep people coming back for more. Let's teardown this app and look at the design in more detail.

A brief history of gamification

Gamification took off in 2010, becoming a huge buzzword in 2011, getting some ridiculous seed funding (I’m looking at you Badgeville) in 2012, and now in 2013 (apparently the year of gamification, sorry snake),  it’s interesting to see how the term and concept continues to change. This blog post takes a quick look at the history of the term and what we might expect from it in the future.