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Dr Zac Fitz-Walter

Zac is speaker, trainer, and games master sought out for his expertise in gamification and motivation design.

He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design, and has since lectured and developed curriculum on gamification for universities.

He speaks and educates governments and companies around the world on effective gamification and engagement design.

In his downtime he likes to live dangerously - racing cars, battling monsters and shooting aliens - all in virtual worlds of course.



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Look no further for an insightful and playful presentation sure to engage your delegates or organisation.

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Get a tailored workshop on gamification and motivational design for your team or organisation.



One-on-one personalised mentoring for your staff who want to improve engagement through play.


Gamification Research & Design

Zac can also help you if you plan on using gamification for your product, classroom, training, workplace or event.

Previous Clients

Zac has worked with a range of game changers, from startups to large companies, governments to universities.



Zac was an exciting and lively speaker whose insights into games and gamification resonated with our audience. He was entertaining - engaging the audience in playful ways - but also provided insight, clear tips and actionable strategies on how to effectively engage their market. The attendees loved him and he was definitely a highlight of our event!
— Kym Nguyen, Commercial Director, QS Enrolment Solutions
Zac was a great presenter that truly shocked the audience with his in-depth knowledge on the impact of gamification in our daily lives and how easily it can be incorporated into event planning.
— Angela Shelton, General Manager & Conference Organiser, Answers for Associations
Zac always presents with a naturally engaging style and maintains a captured audience from start to finish. He cleverly delivers his in-depth knowledge in a way that all attendees can understand and immediately relate to.
— Deborah Mahoney-Dobbs, Manager, Corporate UX, Tatts Group Limited
Zac is great to work with, very knowledgeable, passionate, engaging, approachable and always professional. I would recommend him as a presenter and consultant anytime.
— Nadja Conaghan, Team Leader Learning Service, QSuper
Before kicking off the development of one of our biggest projects to date, we had Zac review the project and boy was it worth it! The user engagement strategy is now a cohesive wonder and our client is ecstatic.
— Sasha Reid, CEO, Hyper